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stories of suppressed technologies
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The Enigma of Suppressed Innovations

History is replete with inventors who have claimed to crack the code on revolutionary technologies that could dramatically shift our energy consumption patterns and propulsion systems. However, an alarmingly high number of these innovators have either faced insurmountable obstacles or have mysteriously disappeared. This article delves into the stories of such inventors, investigating potential motives … Read more

shadowy figure as a puppeteer
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The British Parliament’s Concerns about Sovereignty and the World Health Organisation

In a recent session of the British Parliament, Member of Parliament Andrew Bridgen expressed concerns about the formation of new unions and the potential loss of democratic permission from the people. He specifically highlighted the international Health regulations and the post-pandemic agreements being pushed through by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Bridgen questioned why governments … Read more

Free Speech Social Media, Video and Seach Platforms

Free Speech Social Media, Video and Seach Platforms

Free speech under fire? Seeking uncensored social media? Look no further than this roundup of the top free speech platforms making waves as alternatives to mainstream tech giants. Discover social networks where you can express your views openly without fear of shadowbans or arbitrary censorship. Explore video sites welcoming diverse perspectives, the big platforms silence. … Read more

Alernative Media Channels
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Alternative Media Channels Worth Watching

In an era dominated by mainstream media, the significance of alternative media cannot be overstated. The presence of alternative media outlets provides a crucial counterbalance to the narratives propagated by traditional sources. It’s akin to opening windows to diverse viewpoints and uncensored information, allowing us to engage in a richer understanding of the world around … Read more

Whitney Webb: Bitcoin and the Plot to Destroy Financial Privacy - Examining the Threat to Free Speech and Privacy
World Affairs

Financial Privacy – Examining the Threat to Free Speech and Privacy

Investigative journalist Whitney Webb discusses the imminent effort to criminalise Bitcoin and financial privacy. She reveals how this effort alines with a larger agenda to undermine free speech and the right to privacy. This article explores the bipartisan bill introduced by U.S senators, the involvement of federal agencies, American commercial banks, and the Federal Reserve. … Read more

Disclosure Project National Press Club Event
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The Disclosure Project: Uncovering the Truth About Extraterrestrial Life

The Disclosure Project, founded by Dr Stephen Greer, is a non-profit organisation that discloses extraterrestrial life information. Dr Greer, an emergency doctor and trauma specialist, has been involved in this field for over 33 years, providing vital information and intelligence to the United States government. The project gained attention 22 years ago when 22 individuals … Read more