Train travel across Australia – Sounds interesting

Australian Train Journey

I’ve always been a big fan of train travel and probably covered more distance on trains in other countries than in my home country of Australia. However, this video on train travel in Australia has got me thinking of possibly doing more around the land of OZ. While most of the borders are closed up … Read more

CANZUK more likely now?

CANZUK free trade

It would seem with the UK headed towards BREXIT that the likelihood of a CANZUK style trade agreement is increasingly likely. Put simply, a free trade (and movement) agreement between the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. This type of arrangement is already currently in place between Australia and New Zealand and works to the … Read more

Could China take Taiwan by force?

Interesting doco on the very real threat of China taking Taiwan by force (on YouTube)… This news article published two days ago by the New York Times..“The Trump administration is pushing the sale of seven large packages of weapons to Taiwan, including long-range missiles that would allow Taiwanese jets to hit distant Chinese targets in … Read more

Creating High Converting Landing Pages

Use a service that has the right formula Today I’m looking at this highly animated guy called Neil Patel. He’s quite well known in the SEO area. But I think he has some interesting things to say about landing pages in this video. I think it’d be worth your while having a look at this … Read more