CANZUK more likely now?

It would seem with the UK headed towards BREXIT that the likelihood of a CANZUK style trade agreement is increasingly likely. Put simply, a free trade (and movement) agreement between the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. This type of arrangement is already currently in place between Australia and New Zealand and works to the benefit of both countries.

CANZUK free trade

I personally think it’d be a great thing for our countries mainly because of the freedom of movement aspect. However, I can see that the trade aspects could be a bonus being a united front on the world stage. A combined 6.4 billion dollar GDP value which would give the alliance some clout when doing negotiations with countries like the United States.

This YouTube video from The Post Millennial, “What is CANZUK and could it soon be a reality?” summarises CANZUK if you are not familiar and need further explanation.

YouTube video

Being able to work, live and travel between these nations does seem attractive.

Another thing that shows promise is the fact that all countries have similarities

  • All share the same head of state, Queen Elizabeth II
  • Same primary language, English
  • Similar legal systems
  • All on a similar economic footing

To add, negotiations are already underway between the United Kingdom and Australia on a free trade agreement.

In the following video Australian senator James Paterson speaks with Mike Towhey of Canada’s Newstalk 1010 to discuss free movement and trade between Canada, Australia, New Zealand & the UK (CANZUK).

YouTube video