Train travel across Australia – Sounds interesting

I’ve always been a big fan of train travel and probably covered more distance on trains in other countries than in my home country of Australia. However, this video on train travel in Australia has got me thinking of possibly doing more around the land of OZ.

While most of the borders are closed up at the moment (September 2020) my bet is they will start to come down around Christmas or early into 2021. Well, something to look forward to as we all emerge from our caves. Australian travel will still look like a less risky proposition. Train travel could be an interesting mode of transport to see some of those places I’ve never seen before!

Australian Train Journey

I’m not 100% sure what licensing arrangement this channel JOURNEY has with the BBC but they have posted Great Australian Railway Journeys Series “Newcastle to Brisbane” Series 01 E06 with Michael Portillo. Makes for a good watch. Especially when he has a chat with the coal ship loader reminiscent of our beloved Angry Anderson. I couldn’t think of any personalities at more diverse ends of the spectrum! haha. Who knows, maybe they did end up going out to dinner (chuckle).

Here’s a direct link as it appears embedding isn’t possible.
Great Australian Railway Journeys Series “Newcastle to Brisbane”

One of the Australian train trips on the bucket list is “The Ghan”. This train runs from Darwin in the north to Adelaide in the south. Total distance is 2,979 km (1,851 mi). Although, having said this, I may need to save my pennies for this trip as I don’t think it’s cheap 🙁

This more pragmatic video by “Tips for Travellers” shows you around The Ghan. If you turn down the volume I’m sure you can get inspired about the journey.

YouTube video

What are the Best Train Travel Destinations in Australia, including the cities it stops in?

The Best Train Travel Destinations for Visiting Australia & Visiting Cities that are Nearby

A train journey across Australia is a different kind of experience that you cannot see by car. It is also an affordable way to see the country that has to offer. There are many travel destinations in our neighbouring countries that are worth visiting.

Visiting Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth is the best way to say hello to Australia. These cities are all near each other and offer different experiences. All these cities offer so much diversity and interest for visitors. The people who live here are very welcoming and want their visitors to have a wonderful time!

Australia is an amazing country with so much diversity across its 2.9 million square miles of landmass.

Australia has a lot to offer and so do the cities that are nearby. There are so many places to visit but you will need to plan out your time for it. If you don’t, you might have a hard time trying to decide which places you should be visiting. This is where train travel comes in handy.

Train travel can be quite pricey but with this little guide, you will be able to go around the country without buying tickets for all of the trains that pass through your stop. The important thing is that train tickets are valid for almost all trains in Australia, so there are no worries about buying one ticket and not being able to use it later on.

Crossing the Nullarbor by Train

The Nullarbor is a vast and desolate stretch of desert in Western Australia. This is where the famous train journey across the desert begins and ends. One of the most popular Australian trains, it’s an adventure and a must-do for those who love train travel.

The Nullarbor by Train takes six days to cross from Perth to Adelaide. Becoming an overnight success, it now attracts around 50,000 passengers each year as it has been featured by National Geographic Traveller as one of the top 10 rail journeys in the world. The route crosses sandy plains, rocky outcrops and rolling dunes.

For those looking for a comfortable way to cross the Nullarbor, the best option is by train. The railway network covers 1,100km of the Australian coast and you can hop on and hop off as you please.

The Nullarbor Desert Train is a popular option for those looking to travel across this vast and dry desert region. 

To cross this remote area that has no towns or cities, the route crosses an old gold mining site that now operates as a tourist attraction – Kalgoorlie-Boulder’s Golden Mile.

Best Train Routes to Travel in Australia

With the introduction of new technologies, people can travel more easily and with less hassle. But while these technologies make travelling easier, some of them also bring in challenges like choosing the best train routes for personal travel.

Australia has a wide variety of train routes offered by their different rail companies. While the rail companies provide information about their train routes on their websites, it is almost impossible for people to understand all the details of these routes without using a search engine or other data-based tools.

It is hard to decide which train route is the best when you are in a country that has an extensive rail network.

The most economical route would be to take a train from Sydney to Adelaide, then transfer to another one heading towards Perth.

How to Get Around on a Train for Free or Cheap

We all know that trains are the most affordable mode of transport in the UK. However, if you are not careful, you might end up spending more than what you need to. To help you avoid getting ripped off, here are some tips on how to get around for free or cheap with a train journey.

Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, it is important to be aware of the prices and offers on offer before tickets go on sale. This way, you can make sure that your journey is as affordable as possible.

If your train tickets are prepaid but the fare goes up before they expire, don’t worry! You can still use them by changing them for an additional day or two days later which will give them more time to expire.