Train travel across Australia – Sounds interesting

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I’ve always been a big fan of train travel and probably covered more distance on trains in other countries than in my home country of Australia. However, this video on train travel in Australia has got me thinking of possibly doing more around the land of OZ. While most of the boarders are closed up at the moment (September 2020) my bet is they will start to come down around Christmas or early into 2021. Well, something to look forward to as we all emerge from our caves. Australian travel will still look like the less risky proposition. Train travel could be an interesting mode of transport to see some of those places I’ve never seen before!

I’m not 100% sure what licensing arrangement this channel JOURNEY has with the BBC but they have posted Great Australian Railway Journeys Series “Newcastle to Brisbane” Series 01 E06 with Michael Portillo. Makes for a good watch. Especially when he has a chat with the coal ship loader reminiscent of our beloved Angry Anderson. I couldn’t think of any personalities at more diverse ends of the spectrum! haha. Who knows, maybe they did end up going out to dinner (chuckle).
Here’s a direct link as is appears embedding isn’t possible.
Great Australian Railway Journeys Series “Newcastle to Brisbane”

One of the Australian train trips on the bucket list is “The Gann”. This train runs from Darwin in the north to Adelaide in the south. Total distance is 2,979 km (1,851 mi). Although, having said this, I may need to save my pennies for this trip as I don’t think it’s cheap 🙁

This more pragmatic video by “Tips for Travellers” shows you around The Gann. If you turn down the volume I’m sure you can get inspired about the journey.

YouTube video

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