DNA Databases and Genetic Surveillance Systems Experimental Creative Work

Another experimental creative work I put together yesterday afternoon. A little dark I guess but an interesting topic.

The extract of text taken from The Corbett Report article “The Next Threat: DNA Exploitation” talks about DNA Databases and Genetic Surveillance Systems. Worth a read.

DNA Database Creative Work

The main reason for putting this piece together was to test out how I could alter the synthetic voices generated by Listnr in Pro Logic X so it wasn’t so bland.

Seems to have come up ok except for some of the pronunciations on certain words. The ch in chicom came out more ki. Also, the scifi movie Gattaca came out a bit skew-whiff, haha. Sounds like I need a bit more training on correcting pronunciation in Listnr as all my efforts failed it appears.

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Gattaca Film Reference