Meditation in Space – Blue Monster – Creative Work

This creative work sets the scene of someone that goes into space to meditate for a week. Slightly abstract themes of an inspirational mythical figure called the Blue Monster.

Meditation in Space

Transcription of Meditation in Space – Blue Monster

I was selected to be the first person to go into space and meditate for a week. It was a success, and after overcoming a slight hurdle with my headset, I found that I could control my thoughts.

Thoughts came in waves, but I realized that I could stop the urge to think by concentrating on my own breath. My spaceship went into overdrive as I fell into a deep delta wave brain pattern.

I learned about the minds of astronauts who want to feel weightless again and stay in space for as long as they can handle. Coming back from our planet made them feel muted and under-stimulated.

When I was young, I would often have vivid dreams about future inventions. My brain was full of wonders when it came to what the future could hold.

I remember one time dreaming about a spaceship that could go into overdrive and take me to different planets, which is why it’s no surprise that my spaceship went to full speed as I fell into a deep delta wave brain pattern.

As I went deeper, I could see mythical figures and shiny apparitions. Mythological beings have been a fixture in storytelling for centuries. The ancient Greeks had a rich understanding of the fantastic and supernatural and used these creatures to explain natural phenomena.

In modern times, fantasy has become a genre of literature all its own, with stories taking place in fictional worlds where fantastic creatures exist.

The Blue Monster

The story is about a blue monster that has just woken up. He goes out into the world that he has never seen before and does not know what to do. He sees other monsters all around him.

They are doing many different things, but he feels lost and not sure what to do. The blue monster eventually comes indoors, where it is quieter, calmer, and more comfortable than out in the wild.

The blue monster is a monster that is presented as an analogy to the reader. The message that the blue monster conveys is that one should never give up on their dreams and always keep fighting because one can make it no matter who they are.

Successfully flying in space is an accomplishment, but when it’s time to return home the journey can be just as challenging. Learn about how astronauts prepare for re-entry and what they do when they get back on Earth.

The human body and mind is complex and doesn’t react the same way to every situation. When it comes to experiencing weightlessness in space, some astronauts will feel euphoric, while others might become irritable or even anxious.

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