A Month to RAMP UP – July 2021

icondean social media log – July 2021

icondean RAMPING UP July 2021
icondean RAMPING UP July 2021

Man and his flying machines – I want a piece of that!

21 July 2021

I can’t help myself resharing these flying machines. Very cool!

I’m waiting for the consumer version for $250 at Kmart. Can’t be far away now, surely.

Researchers are using sound to levitate objects

19 July 2021

Brain to text technology. Write emails tucked up in bed! 😉

16 July 2021


GETTR explodes, passing 1.5 million users in just 11 days

16 July 2021

As the platform grows hopefully it won’t be so caught up in US politics. I can see a lot of non-political pages starting to emerge.See what goes. Off to a good start anyway!


Trading privacy and anonymity online for security

16 July 2021

A quote from the World Economic Forum…

“A single day without the internet would cost our economies more than 50 billion US dollars”

World Economic Forum

Something must be done to prevent this from ever happening! For a start, let’s remove privacy and anonymity online. They may know everything we do online but at least we’ll be safe right? ..where’s that tongue and cheek emoji when you need it! 🤣🤣

Well-meaning intent I’m sure. hmm, how many major cyber-attacks have we had since this video was posted in January?

Solar Winds, JBS, etc, etc …is the big one yet to come? 🤔
(For more riveting reading see CyberPolygon.com)

Video from the official World Economic Forum YouTube channel…

9.5 million videos in three months gone, gone, GONE!

15 July 2021

“YouTube removed over 9.5 million videos uploaded around the world during the first three months of 2021 alone, according to the platform’s parent company, Google. In Germany, more than 90,000 videos were removed.”
I’ll switch on my trusted ABC to find out more about this ..and Paris overnight ..and London the other week 🤣 🤫


A disturbing situation in South Africa

14 July 2021

A disturbing situation in South Africa. Confronting video footage from various news sources.


Anti-drone system developed in France – Ever seen Star Wars?

9 July 2021

France tests Star Wars-inspired laser-powered anti-drone system

“The prototype tested on Wednesday can detect lightweight commercial drones from a distance of up to 3 km (1.8 miles), track them and destroy them once they approach within 1 km of the cannon. Its laser ray is one million times more powerful than the one used by QR code readers, the ministry said.”

The Economic Times


#drones #laser #cannon #starwars

President Trump getting heavy with big tech

8 July 2021

Trump filing class-action lawsuits against Facebook, Twitter, and Google, and against their CEOs. His actions are being taken on behalf of the victims of cancel culture.


A big blow to Twitter in India

8 July 2021

We all need to respect the laws of the land. Twitter is no exception. Good on you India for standing up.


Xi’s hollow 100th birthday celebration for the Chinese Communist Party

7 July 2021


Check-in QR code data privacy concerns in Australia

3 July 2021

Martin North, more known for his detailed analysis of the Australian property market addresses the concerns raised by data collected by Australian authorities.

With all of us doing a QR code check-in here, QR code check-in there, all that data is stored somewhere right? Who has access to that data? How common are data breaches?

While many of us may be thinking out of sight, out of mind I’m sure there are others making hay while the sun shines.

More tasters of where we are headed. I’ve always wanted to fly!

2 July 2021

A quick look at the new social media platform GETTR – Not a bad thing for free speech

2 July 2021

New social media platform GETTR
New social media platform GETTR

A new social platform just launched – GETTR @ gettr.com

Looks pretty good. Clean, functional. Very much like Twitter but with a higher character limit.

As most people probably know censorship online is at its worst levels ever. Mainly stemming from the crazy political divide over in the US. The big tech companies unfortunately lean heavily to one side. Actually, the “lie of omission” comes to mind when viewing information on larger media platforms. Sadly even my beloved ABC Australia is guilty of this.

I feel it’s really important to have a critical mind and exposure to diverse sources of information in this day and age. Even if it’s a viewpoint you may not agree with or feel is correct.

Go beyond the political and social dichotomy and think for yourself I say. I’m definitely not going to tell you how to think or what to do. However, I will let you know if I see tomfoolery going on in the delivery of info. Free speech to all.


Traffic jam, no worries!

1 July 20201